The North Face Canada

  • Rick Wood
  • Canadian General Manager
  • The North Face Canada (subsidiary of VF Outdoor Canada Inc.)

We VF Inc. were faced with a situation where our organization had been growing rapidly with the expectation of continued growth in the future. Despite a recent expansion our office and show room location which is the head office for Canada had become inadequate. Not only did we need more space, corporately it was decided that we needed to create a work environment consistent with the image of VF Corporation and its product lines, while in parallel provide an improved work environment for our employees.

We needed to determine our options, the financial impact of those options and the feasibility of execution. It was important for us to engage a group that could provide us with the complete market information and availabilities, but also could implement the appropriate strategies and execution of process that would allow us to achieve our objectives. Not only was Strategique there to assist us in determining what we needed, they brought us solutions that were new to the market and in the final analysis were able to secure a transaction that truly addressed our wish list, our budget and the image concerns of the organization all within a very aggressive time line. In addition Strategique also positioned our trailing obligation (existing lease) on the market in a fashion that enabled them to negotiate a cancellation of the remaining term on the lease with our previous landlord at a significant discount.

Great job Strategique!!

Rick Wood